Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bluebell Corn Maze 2013


Last Thursday, after we had our weekly dinner with Brandon and Kim, the 4 of us headed up to the corn maze for some getting lost fun! Since it was a Thursday, we pretty much had the place to ourselves so we entered the first phase of the maze.

All you could see of me in the dark was my glow stick. ;) 

We made it through the first phase without much trouble, but it was just lightly starting to hail at that point so we got a hot chocolate before heading back in for the second and harder phase of the maze. really started to hail! The corn protected us pretty well, but it was starting to get muddy. We got lost a couple of times so by the time we made it out of there, we were ready to be in the car and out of the weather! It snowed SO HARD on the way home that I'm sure Brandon was struggling in some parts to see the road, but he got us all home safe and sound. :) No matter what though, we always have a great time at the corn maze. :) It's one of my favorite fall traditions!



  1. You have GOT to be KIDDING me that its already snowed there! yikes! This is when I am all too happy to be living in sunny California..... although I will miss it come Christmas time :) Looks like a fun time. We need to look around and see if there is a maze here.

  2. I have been wanting to find a corn maze and pumpkin patch here. Hopefully we will get to go soon because it looks like you guys had fun!