Monday, September 30, 2013

October Mini Quilt

For October's mini quilt, my mom and grandma changed the pattern idea, which I'm glad they did! The original pattern was a dog holding a shoe in its mouth. How is that related to Halloween? But, since we're each working on our quilt blocks in different places, we each had to come up with our own jack-o-lantern pattern. I was a little nervous, but mine turned out just fine, I think. ;) I even added a black cat since I actually have one of those in real life. My little Emillio Jo! :)



  1. I love it! Really, a dog??? Pumpkins are the theme of October! And I'm glad you found room for a black cat.

  2. The cat is great! Where did you find it? I also think your pumpkin is good too. Good job!

  3. Turned out well, I'm struggling getting mine finished... my sewing machine broke :(