Friday, August 30, 2013

September Mini Quilt

When my grandma came for a visit in May, she brought a fun pattern with her along with a bunch of fabric and she and my mom decided it might be fun project for them and my sisters and I to do all together. :) So they gave us all the fabric we would need and gave us each a copy of the pattern. Since my sister Heidi was in the middle of a move at that point, we decided to start in August with the September quilt block and I thought it would be a fun idea if we all posted pictures on our blogs of the blocks we make to try and keep us motivated! As my blog title says, I'll be making mine into mini quilts so I'll have one to change out every month, but some are going to sew their blocks all together at the end of the 12 months into one big quilt. The plan is at the end of the 12 months, we'll all try to get together and finish. My mini quilts will each need batting, fabric for the back and 2 loops at the top to hang them onto a dowel holder to finish. Here's a picture of the dowel holder I ordered and those who know me well, know why it was the dowel holder for me. ;) I love pineapples!

I was nervous to start this project because I've never sewn a quilt block before, but my mom talked me through it and I feel pretty confident now. Can't wait to start my next one!



  1. Cute! you finished before I did. I have it cut but not put together. I better get going!!

  2. I remember doing a quilt block in jr high. Worst thing you ever saw. I don't know if I ever dare try again!