Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Garden 2013

Most years we plant a small garden. Just enough space for raspberries, a couple tomato plants and the mini pumpkins that I love to grow every year for decoration in my house in the fall. Usually our garden does well, but this year, I can't even describe how well it's done. My two mini pumpkins plants have taken over! There are so many in there, I can't even see them all. Some are even ready to be picked, but I'm trying to hold off until the first of September at least. :)

No raspberries yet, but they're coming on. Andrew has picked several tomatoes and I'll post later with a picture of all the mini pumpkins that I get!

As you can see my mini pumpkins are growing right next to the tomatoes because they took over that space too!

Happy Fall!


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