Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Swap Night

Last night I got together with my craft group, but instead of working on a project, a few of us had decided to swap a vintage dish towel with each other. :) The rules were it had to be vintage, but you could make or buy it. Right away I knew what dish towel I was going to bring to swap because I had just bought one for myself a few weeks prior since I'm so in love with the Ball Heritage Collection blue pint jars right now. :) So I went straight home and bought another one off of Etsy in The Coin Laundry shop.

The dish towel I received was from Lewaina. It is very summery and when I do go camping I prefer "glamping" as the license plate says! ;) Thanks, Lewaina!

We all enjoyed the vintage dish towel swap so much that we've decided to do it again next month! Now I'm excited to see what other cute ones I can find!


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  1. I just talked to Trina yesterday and she said I need to start coming to these again. I was all onboard, but not if its just primitive stuff. So I guess if you do a craft night, I want an invite.