Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

My side of the family has begun to move all over the we all decided that we needed to get together as a family and spend Memorial Day weekend together. We choose Lake Tahoe as sort of a central spot, but also because none of us had been there before and we thought it would be fun to check out. :)

We began Friday morning and though we had thought about flying there, it just didn't work out so Andrew and I decided to rent a car to save the miles on our car and also to make the long drive to Lake Tahoe more fun! We reserved a full size car, but when we got to the rental place they didn't have any so they went to upgrade us to the next step up and couldn't find the keys to the car they were going to give us so they asked us if we wanted to have a red Ford Mustang that rents for $150 a day! Umm...yes!

Then we were on our way! We met up with my brother's family in Wendover for lunch and then caravaned the rest of the way, which also made the time go faster since I got to spend extra time with my nieces and nephew. ;) That night Andrew and I had reserved a king room at The Ridge Tahoe, which is also where we would be spending the next 2 nights in a two bedroom suite with my sister Leisa and her family. Super nice!

Saturday morning we decided to see the town of South Lake Tahoe and hit Harvey's Casino for a little gambling and lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. :)

Then we headed back up the mountain to check into our two bedroom suite!

View of Lake Tahoe from the drive up to our condo.

Door to Leisa's king bedroom and bathroom.

Doors to our king bedroom and bathroom.

I was obsessed with how gorgeous it was so I took pictures of it all. ;) Also, each bedroom and the living room all had access doors to a huge patio with a barbecue. It was great!

Sunday morning Andrew and I went back to South Lake Tahoe and parked our car at one of the casinos because we wanted to walk along the road and look at all the little shops.

We crossed over into California on our walk. ;)

Andrew saw that we could take a horse carriage ride so we decided to be spontaneous and jumped in! It was actually really fun! We learned a lot from our local driver and got to see Lake Tahoe from the beach. The water was so blue and gorgeous! 

Crossing back into Nevada to get back to our car. ;)

From there, Andrew and I had booked a sightseeing cruise on Lake Tahoe! This was something I had been wanting to do since we decided to go to Lake Tahoe so I was excited! Our ship was the M.S. Dixie II and she is a paddlewheeler. :D

Ticket Booth

View of the dock. 

Being on the water with the mountains on the banks reminded me of being in Alaska...except the beautiful blue water. It wasn't blue like this in Alaska!

The sightseeing cruise took us across the lake to Emerald Bay where the lake's only island is. On the banks of Emerald Bay is a castle built years ago by a very wealthy woman. She also built a tea house on the top of the island and every day a member of her staff would take her and one of her guests on a boat over to the island for afternoon tea.

Other side of the island.

Such a fun mini vacation with a lot of family time thrown in in the evenings. My entire family was there including my Grandma Cole from Washington. :) So happy to be in the family I'm in. I couldn't ask for more and though it might be at least 3 years before we are all together again, we'll have these memories forever!

Uncle Andrew lit the fire in our condo for Will and Mayci one night. :)

The princess crown that Uncle Andrew made for Kinley out of glow sticks one night. :)

Kids with Great Grandma Cole.


Kids with Grandpa and Grandma Heward.



  1. "Super fun" is all I kept thinking while reading this! What wonderful vacation memories you will share with your family. :)

  2. Sounds like it was a blast! Glad you got one last family trip in before all the big moves.