Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Shows 2013

On May 15th and then again on May 22nd, I had the opportunity to go and see my nieces do their end of year dance routines. I just love watching them dance! They do such a good job and I always take them their favorite color carnation to make them feel special.  :)

Heidi and Mayci did 2 Mommy N Me routines.
Mayci definitely isn't a baby anymore because she danced those routines right along with Heidi. :) 

Jade had 5 different dances! That seemed like a lot to me for a 7 year old, but she did an amazing job. :) I'm missing a picture of her in her first costume because I didn't realize she had so many costume changes. ;) Oops!

Kinley had 1 routine and could have done countless more! She was so enthused and did a great job. :)

So proud of my girls!


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  1. They are all so cute! I wished I lived closer so I could have joined you in watching them all perform! so fun!