Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend in Deweyville, UT

Last Friday morning my mom sent me a text inviting Andrew and I out to visit them at the house they recently bought in Deweyville, UT. We hadn't been there to see it yet so we decided this would be a good weekend to go!

We did a few things at home Saturday morning, but then we headed up for our visit. (I was going to get a picture of the town sign and one of their house and totally forgot so I'll have to do that next time I guess. ;)) After mom gave us a tour of the house, Andrew wanted to go get cheese in Logan so with mom in tow, we took a quick 25 minute drive around the mountain. I have a feeling this is going to be a regular occurrence whenever we visit. ;) Once we got back to the house, it was almost time for the dinner reservation mom had made for all of us at Maddox Ranch House. Ever since my parents bought their Deweyville house, people had been telling us how wonderful the food at Maddox's was so we were excited to try it! Unfortunately my dad hadn't been feeling well that day so he didn't get to come with us, but Andrew, mom and I went and definitely enjoyed!

For Mother's Day, we gave our moms a Ball Blue Heritage Collection Jar filled with mini plastic pears, lemons and limes and a mix from Lehi Roller Mills. I also made a jar for my grandma visiting from Washington for the next 2 weeks. Along with my own mom, she has always been an important woman in my life. :)

Also, Andrew wished me what he has come to call Happy Jessica's Day ;) and gave me a CD and DVD from my Amazon wish list. He's so thoughtful. :)


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