Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Andrew's New Job

For almost five years now, Andrew has worked at Nielsen's Furniture, which is a local furniture store here in Roosevelt where we live. He has really enjoyed working there and he has learned a lot, but since graduating from college, he felt the need to find his niche in the career world.

Last week, Andrew started working for Strata Networks, our local phone and Internet provider and he is loving it! He realized about midweek last week that this is the tech job he has always wanted and is now able to have because of his college degree. I hope he loves it there!


Through the months of June and July, I started to notice a change in Andrew. He was extremely stressed and unfortunately was not enjoying his new job. In the meantime, his old boss was realizing all of the things Andrew used to do at Nielsen's Furniture and by the end of July, he had asked Andrew to come back to the store. After much thought, we agreed that Andrew should go back to Nielsen's. Andrew was able to negotiate all of his old benefits back and he is also going to be able to be a lot more involved at the store then he was before. He will be doing all of the advertising for the store and will be much more involved with the selection and ordering of the furniture and appliances that the store carries including going to Las Vegas at least once a year for what they call "market". I'm just thrilled that he's happy and that I have my old Andrew back. :) Love him!


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  1. It's amazing what that little graduation paper can do for your career! Congrats!