Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Andrew's Graduation - Bachelor of Science in Business with a minor in Economics

On Saturday Andrew officially graduated with his bachelor's degree! The ceremony was held in Vernal and I was fighting back tears through the whole thing. I kept tearing up thinking of how much we've both sacrificed for him to get this degree, but also because of how proud I am of him. He worked full time throughout and still tried his best to spend as much time with me as he could. I couldn't ask for more!

Before we left for Vernal, I gave Andrew this graduation present from me. A USU tie tack for him to wear during the ceremony and whenever he wears a tie from now on. :)   

Just like when Andrew got his associate degree, the graduates were led in by the White Peaks Centennial Pipe Band. What an amazing talent they have! 

Officially Graduated!


I love you, Andrew and I am so proud of you! Congratulations! You deserve it!


Surprise Graduation Dinner

For a couple months now, I have been planning a surprise graduation dinner for Andrew. I started planning it far in advance because I wanted everyone we love to be able to come, but also because I was so excited for Andrew to graduate! Last Friday was the day and I had a tell a few little lies to pull it off, but I did it!

Friday morning I pretended to go to work, but instead I went to Andrew's parents house to do all my cooking. Andrew's mom said she would help me and I sure appreciated it. I never would have gotten it done without her! In the early afternoon, I headed home to straighten my house and get myself ready for the party and then I went to pick up the balloons to take to USU in Roosevelt to decorate for the party. My SIL Kim met me there to help me decorate, which was a huge help because she had some great ideas!

Shortly after we finished decorating, the guests started to arrive. :) For dinner we were having Dickey's Southern Pulled Pork with barbecue sauce and rolls, which my parents had offered to pick up in Vernal and Andrew's mom brought down the rest of the food from her house. We had made cheesy potatoes, green salad, No Bake Cheesecake, Layered Pudding Dessert and homemade root beer. Yum! Andrew loved it because he said it was all of his favorite things. :) That was the idea! ;)

Once all the guests and food had arrived, the plan was for Andrew's dad to call him to see if he could come down to USU and help him move some tables for graduation the next day. Since Andrew's dad works at USU, we figured this would work. And it did, until Andrew got to USU and saw my car parked around the corner of the building. :P Then he started to wonder if something was going on. Oh well! I tried my best!

When he walked in, we all yelled "SURPRISE!" and popped a confetti cannon that Andrew's brother brought and let my nephew Lincoln shoot off. It was great!

We had such a fun night celebrating Andrew's graduation with all our family and friends. :)


After everyone finished eating, Andrew's dad got out the vacuum and let the kids clean up the confetti. They loved it and what was even better is that then I didn't have to do that part of the clean up! ;)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Administrative Professionals Day - April 24, 2013

I have been working at TriCounty Health Department in Roosevelt for almost 7 years now (in September). Every year they have always been so generous by giving me a gift for Administrative Professionals Day and this year was no exception! This is the only job I've ever worked at that has observed this day and it really makes me feel appreciated. :) This year we received a gift card to Cafe Rio so I'm excited to take Andrew out to dinner...on me!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Craft Night

Last night was the first night of craft night with my swap group. We are no longer swapping anything, but we will still be meeting once a month where we can bring a hand craft of our choice to work on while we visit with each other and have treats. :) I decided to continue working on a cross stitch that I started in 2001! I think this group will be good for me because I'll hopefully get the chance to finish up a lot of unfinished crafts! I think maybe I'll just give a snippet pic of what I did last night and when it's finished, I'll post the finished project. Until next month!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

We were in SLC for Easter weekend this year so Andrew and I did our baskets to each other when we got home Sunday evening.

Along with our baskets, I got Andrew a shirt he wanted. It's a team that he really enjoyed watching play in the March Madness games this year. 

Andrew got me a cookbook I've been wanting and as much as he tried, he couldn't get it here in time for Easter. Hopefully it will be here soon. ;)

He also pre-ordered Richard Paul Evans' new book in the Walk Series for me. It comes out May 7 and I'm already dying to have it in my hands!  

Happy Easter!