Thursday, March 7, 2013

USU Career Fair

For about a year now, Andrew has been planning on attending the career fair at USU in Logan the last semester of his senior year. Around the first of February he found out the career fair was scheduled for February 27 so he started preparing. I had no idea the amount of preparation that was involved in making your visit as a student to a career fair successful! He had business cards printed up through USU. He emailed his resume to Career Services at USU and they helped him fine tune it. He researched all the companies coming to the career fair that he was interested in talking to. Hours and hours of preparation!

Tuesday afternoon we headed up to Logan to spend the night so Andrew could be there first thing Wednesday. Wednesday morning we drove up to the campus, which was a fun experience for both of us since we had never been there before. We found where we were supposed to be and Andrew headed in to meet all the potential employers that were there. I just enjoyed a leisurely morning. I checked everything out on campus and spent a lot of time in the bookstore browsing through all the USU gear. ;) Andrew and I met up for a surprisingly delicious lunch in the campus cafeteria and then he went back to talk to a few more people before the career fair ended. After it was all over, I could tell he was so excited about all the possibilities his new degree is opening up to him. :)

Before leaving Logan, it's mandatory that we stop at Gossner's for cheese ;) so that's exactly where we headed after leaving USU.

Since being back home, Andrew has been receiving emails from potential employers at the career fair. All of a sudden I'm realizing that life may be changing a little faster than I anticipated. No matter what happens though, attending the career fair was a good experience for Andrew. I'm so proud of him!


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