Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Dinner - Ruth's Chris Steak House

Back in December we started talking about going to Ruth's Chris Steak House with our friends Todd and Randi for Valentine's Day dinner. Since Valentine's Day is on a Thursday this year, we decided to go the weekend before because the closest Ruth's Chris is in Park City and we figured we could just make a day of it. So on Saturday we headed out about 12:30. It was snowing in Park City when we got there, but we wandered though all the quaint little shops, got a hot chocolate at a cafe and a little goodie at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It was a fun afternoon. We even met the Abominable Snowman! ;)


We liked how you could catch the ski lift right in the middle of town.

When it was time, we headed to Ruth's Chris for our reservation. I had been wanting to eat here for a few years now so I was excited and Todd had told Andrew that they have "bang your head against the wall good steaks" ;) so Andrew was just as excited! 

It was so fun eating at such a fancy restaurant so I have to make sure I journal everything about it! We had dressed up a little bit for our special night out then when we arrived for our reservation, they asked us if we wanted to check our coats. We did and that was a fun first for us! After we were seated, they asked us if we wanted tap water or bottled water. Since we had decided to go all out, we asked for the bottled water. The water came in a chilled glass bottle from Italy and they left it at our table so whenever they came to check on us, they could refill our water glasses. :) For our appetizer we decided to be adventurous and ordered veal osso buco ravioli. Our friends Todd and Randi ordered spicy lobster, which they offered us a taste of and surprisingly it tasted like orange chicken. :) The rest of our meals were everything we expected and more. Absolutely fantastic right down to the dessert. Andrew had a Caesar salad, ribeye steak (that he savored with his eyes closed!) with mashed potatoes and chocolate peanut butter mousse cake with fresh berries & cream for dessert. I had a stuffed chicken breast with potatoes au gratin and fries and a chocolate explosion cake for dessert.

Andrew was teasing me at the end of the meal and wanted me to take a picture of him getting the last drops of water from one of our bottles. I told him it probably wasn't a very sophisticated thing to do, but now I have a picture of our bottled water, I guess. ;) 

We were there for almost 3 hours, but the time flew by and everything was just wonderful. Really good food and really good company. :) Thanks, Todd and Randi. We had the best time!


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