Thursday, February 21, 2013

USU's Loveboat Casino Night 2013

Last Friday night was USU's annual Loveboat casino night. Josh and Savannah joined us this year along with Andrew's sister Alicia and his mom. For the dinner this year they had Golden Corral cater so it was a really good meal. :)

Then Andrew and Josh headed off to the gaming tables.

After a while they came back over where we were sitting and so we went over and had our pictures taken in front of a backdrop set up to be just like a high school dance. ;)

Taken by USU.

Taken by Savannah.

Shortly after we sat back down, the DJ started playing Gangnam Style. Andrew loves this song and even knows the dance to it so he went over and danced on the floor with the others who knew it. He always keeps me laughing. :)

Then I found a video that USU had of Andrew dancing! They put it on youtube and facebook. I was laughing so hard I was crying that night and again when I watched it today. :)


After all the gaming comes the point when you can win prizes and then an auction to bid on prizes. Andrew and I ended up both winning a USU hoodie and as each person or couple around us didn't win the item in the auction they were bidding on, they gave us their money so when the item I wanted in the auction came around to be bid on, we had a TON of money and we won it! A 3-crock round slow cooker! I have been wanting one of these for a long time. :) Josh and Savannah gave us quite a bit of the money we had to win it in the auction so I've already promised them a dinner made in it. :)

Andrew winning a hoodie.

All our winnings!

Such a fun night!

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