Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hawaii Vacation Day 8 - Waikiki Beach

Tuesday was our last day in Hawaii so we decided to go to McDonald's for breakfast so Andrew could have Spam, eggs, Portuguese sausage, rice and a taro pie. I got fresh pineapple with what I ordered. :)  

From there we decided to finish our souvenir shopping and then we changed into our swimming suits for a nice swim in the ocean. The water and weather was perfect!

That night we decided to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. As we were walking down the beach toward the restaurant, we passed the Duke Kahanamoku statue and decided to call my sister Leisa and my mom so they could see us on the live beach camera there leaving our fresh flower lei's, which is something everyone does. :)

Leisa told Andrew to do some funny poses so she could see them on the beach cam. ;)

Leaving the lei's.

My mom took pictures of us with her camera when we were live on her computer screen. :)

So gorgeous there...day or night!

We had such a fantastic Hawaiian vacation! Mahalo and Aloha until next time!


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