Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hawaii Vacation Day 7 - Polynesian Cultural Center

Monday was the only day it rained while we were in Hawaii. Hawaii rain is kind of a misty rain so it's different then what we have here in Utah, but of course, Monday was the day we were going to the Polynesian Cultural Center so we were going to be outside all afternoon. Oh well!

On our way up to the PCC, we stopped at Chinaman's Hat, which is an island just off the coast of Oahu. It's said to resemble a Chinaman's hat, hence the name. ;)

This was our second visit to the PCC and this time we chose a more expensive package, which included a personal tour guide during our time there. That actually was really, really nice! She was able to help us make the most of our afternoon, which I appreciated since there is more there than you could ever see in a day!

The first thing we did there was a canoe tour...in the rain. ;) Still fun though.

Next, while waiting for a minute to visit the island of Tahiti, we sampled some coconut bread and went "fishing". It was a fun craft for crafty me! 

Our tour guide Wi (like Nintendo Wii) from Thailand.

In Tahiti, Andrew was chosen to go up on stage to dance! He's such the life of the party. ;) 


They gave him this really pretty headpiece to say thank you. :)

This tree grew over the river like this all by itself and apparently it's a famous tree. It was in an Elvis movie that was filmed at the PCC!

On the island of Samoa, in the family hut, Andrew tried his hand at fire making. He was the first one and one of only two in our group that could even get it to smoke! Our tour guide was very impressed. :) They told him the trick was to sit like a girl, but make fire like a man. ;) 

Then we got to watch a native do it!

He also invited Andrew up on stage this time to drink coconut water. Andrew said it didn't taste very good! 

We were also able to visit the islands of Aotearoa, Hawaii and Tonga during our afternoon at the PCC, but after Samoa, it was time for the luau! We had a fresh flower lei greeting and I ordered a strawberry smoothie in a pineapple! While I was waiting for my smoothie to come, Andrew went over and took pictures of the pig they roasted in the ground for the luau. Then we enjoyed some entertainment while we ate our buffet dinner.

The feather in my chair tells them I ordered a smoothie and what kind.


Next was the fabulous evening show Ha: Breath of Life. We had seats four rows from the stage! No cameras were allowed, but it was an awesome show! What a great day even with the rain. ;)



  1. I am loving all of these posts... it makes me miss Hawaii but at the same time I feel like I am there again, seeing all the pictures of everything we did!!! so much fun! The PCC is so amazing, I had that same yummy smoothie- so good :) Looks like you had a great time!

  2. This place looks so awesome! So many fun things. I love the fish you made. And all the pretty pictures. I could go to Hawaii and only leave the beach to visit here.