Monday, January 28, 2013

Hawaii Vacation Day 6 - Turtle Beach & Matsumoto's Shave Ice

Sunday we drove back in the direction of the Dole Plantation and then continued on past it for about 10 minutes to Turtle Beach. I learned about this beach from my sister Leisa and it did not disappoint. We ended up being there for a couple hours!


When we first got there a turtle named Sapphire was on the beach digesting her food and napping.

After about 15 minutes though, she left so we explored around the beach for a little while and then pretty soon a turtle named Iron Maiden swam up on the beach. It was so cool to see the turtles coming up on the beach from the ocean. :) 

Just as Iron Maiden was getting settled, Sapphire decided to come back up on the beach for another nap. :)

 Then came Kulihi!

Sapphire and Kulihi together.

The turtles come up on the beach to digest their food and nap. The volunteers that work there use a red rope to keep people 6 feet back from the turtles so the turtles don't feel threatened. As you can tell, I had an amazing afternoon on the beach learning all about the turtles!

After we left Turtle Beach, we drove over to the town of Haleiwa for some authentic Hawaiian shaved ice at Matsumoto's Shave Ice. You could tell the place was good because of the long line! 


I got raspberry and lemonade flavored ice and Andrew got root beer and vanilla, but he got his served with vanilla ice cream and azuki beans in the cone! That is so Andrew. ;) He'll try anything! Check out their website to see what the azuki beans are...

To end the day, that night we decided to go out to dinner at Cheeseburger In Paradise on Waikiki Beach. I got soda in a fun souvenir cup ;) and Andrew ate a 1 lb cheeseburger! 


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  1. I think this would have been my favorite thing. I LOVE turtles. And when I saw your sandals, I couldn't help but cry. I miss warm weather!