Friday, January 25, 2013

Hawaii Vacation Day 5 - Pearl Harbor & Aloha Stadium

On Saturday we visited Pearl Harbor. It's been close to 4 years since we were last in Hawaii and at Pearl Harbor and it has gone through quite a remodel in that time so it was completely different from what we remembered, but it still has the same amazing feeling out on the USS Arizona Memorial. So reverent and you can't help but have so much respect for the men that died there.



Aloha Stadium in the background.


More of those Bird of Paradise flowers. Andrew loves them!

After Pearl Harbor we headed almost just across the street to Aloha Stadium. We had been told that they have a swap meet there on certain days of the week and that it was the best place to buy souvenirs. The rumors were true! We ended up with quite a few things to bring home with us. :) Mostly it was fun just wandering through and looking at all the booths. They have over 700 booths there and I don't think we even saw half! 


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  1. It looks like Pearl Harbor is a beautiful spot to pay tribute to those lives lost all those years ago. And the swap meet sounds cool.