Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hawaii Vacation Day 3 - Waikiki Beach, Hanauma Bay & Halona Blowhole

Thursday morning this is what we woke up to...

The view from our balcony had Diamond Head to the left and Waikiki Beach straight ahead. Just beautiful!

After breakfast, we wanted to head down to the beach to explore. We walked along the beach, did a little shopping and after lunch, we headed back to our hotel to change into our swimming suits to go to Hanauma Bay.

I'm not into snorkeling, but Andrew likes it so off he went. :) I bought him a disposable underwater camera and these are the pictures he took while snorkeling. Pretty cool to see what's just under the surface!

Since the Halona Blowhole isn't too far from Hanauma Bay, we decided we couldn't miss visiting there again. Last time we were there, we weren't too impressed, but this time it was really blowing since the waves were coming in so hard.

I took some videos, but didn't get a very good one. This was the best one. ;) 


It's very windy, but so beautiful there. :)



  1. Lucky you! Thursday morning I woke up to freezing rain and ice-rink sidewalks and roads. :( You picked a good time to leave Utah! How fun for you!

  2. Beautiful! We went to Hawaii in March and loved it!

  3. So beautiful! I never thought I'd get Josh on a cruise, but I did. Maybe Hawaii will be my next battle destination. And I love that Andrew had a waterproof camera.