Friday, November 9, 2012

November Tuck Swap

Tuesday night our swap group met for the months of November and December since December seems to be such a busy month. Since we were meeting for 2 months, we swapped 2 tucks! Our theme for November was Thanksgiving. The tuck I made is above and the one I received is below. I got Laura's tuck this month and it's such an adorable little pumpkin complete with curly stem on top! I also love the little polka dot fabric she used. ;)


For December our theme was Christmas. The tuck I made is below and the one I received is right below that. I got Kim's tuck for December and it's so perfect with its jingle saying and snowman holding a jingle bell. :) I also loved the cute fabric Kim used for the back of her tuck. It reminds me of Christmas trees!

This month I also won the monthly giveaway! We decided as a group a couple months ago that the giveaway should just be one thing so nobody felt like they had to make themselves crazy thinking of this elaborate giveaway. I've loved it too because then the giveaway seems to be just the perfect primitive piece and this one is no exception. I love it! Also, I am so into burlap right now so I'm even more in love. :) Thanks, Katie!

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  1. That pumpkin is so CUTE! I swear Laura makes the cutest stuff. Glad I got something made by her before I quit.