Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Birthday!

Since my birthday was not during UBIC this year, Andrew suggested we take the day off work and spend time enjoying the city life in SLC.

The night before my birthday, Andrew brought home flowers for me and a cute container that I can use for all my organizing endeavors going on at home recently. :)

On the morning of my birthday we headed to the city. I got to eat at my favorite lunch spot and do some shopping, but the highlight of my day was going to Clark Planetarium and seeing a show in the dome. This may sound a little silly if you don't know me well, but I am fascinated about space and the universe. I've been to the Houston Space Center and spent an entire day there just soaking it all in. For some reason, learning about space has always captured my attention. Since I had never been to Clark Planetarium, I figured it was time to explore my local "space center" so it couldn't have worked out better for me to spend part of my birthday there. :)

Andrew being his usual self. ;)

On Mars...

On the moon...

When we got home that night, a present from Andrew was waiting for me on the doorstep. The other present he bought me came the next day. He got me a KitchenAid glass mixing bowl and Coach shoes!

For the most part though, I spent my birthday enjoying all the cards, Facebook messages, phone calls and texts from family and friends. I felt so loved and that is the best feeling ever. :)

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  1. Coach shoes? You are a spoiled wife. Glad you had a fun birthday!