Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Book Club

Last night we got together again for book club. Savannah chose this month's book, "For Cryin' Out Loud!" by Dianne Blaine Hardy.

The rural community of Roosevelt, Utah, was an idyllic place in the1950s. Everyone knew their neighbors and no one locked their doors at night. By all appearances, the Blaines are the ideal Roosevelt family. Father is the school principal and well-liked by everyone in town; Mother cooks and cleans and shepherds the children to church each Sunday. But appearances can be misleading. In reality, the Blaine family is a disaster.

In a time when children were seen and not heard, young Dianne Blaine wrestles with her mother's despair, her father's rage, and her older sister's sexual rebellion. To make sense of this place where nothing is as it seems, Dianne must confront the secrets her family keeps in the shadows and the hypocrisy that hides in plain sight.

For Cryin' Out Loud! is a breathtakingly honest, courageous, and moving tale of struggle and self-discovery.

I mentioned in this post that this book was written by Savannah's grandma whom I had the pleasure of meeting. Then last night at book club Savannah's mom and sister were also able to join us and I had the best time just sitting around and visiting with them about all the different parts of this book on a more personal level while eating a meal that Savannah made for us based on foods her grandma likes to eat. We had meatloaf, asparagus, green salad and cherry pie for dessert.

More specifically about the book, I loved learning about how the town I live in now differed in the 1950's. I loved reading about the author's days at Wasatch Academy including that she didn't know what a muffin was before she arrived there! I also enjoyed reading about her experiences with her friends in her teenage years. She wrote this book about her young life very candidly. She doesn't hold back and just tells it like it is!

When I finished reading the book I texted Savannah and told her that she was so lucky because most people don't have these kinds of stories written down about their grandparents and I think it's really a treasure that she does. :) Until next month!

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  1. Thank you, Jessica. I love your summation of my book. Since publishing it many older readers have told me that they appreciate the way I told everything without making a judgement--just spitting it out. Many seem eager to talk about their own childhoods, no longer repressing them. This was an added benefit and something I hadn't expected. Thank you, ladies, for reviewing it. Amazon reviews would be greatly appreciated. Dianne Blaine Hardy.