Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Castle Country Stars Spring Show 2012

The Wednesday after I got back from my cruise, I got to go down to Price and watch my nieces Jade and Mayci dance! I took them each a flower bouquet so they could feel special and also because it's fun for me to spoil them any chance I get. ;)

Mayci was in the first group to perform, which was the Mommy & Me number. She got a little distracted when it came time to actually dance, but she knew the whole routine even if she didn't do it all then and I was so proud of her. :)

I didn't keep track of how many numbers Jade had. I think it was about 3 and she did so well every time. Still one of the best dancers her age in this aunt's opinion!

This year my sister Heidi was also a dance teacher! Here she is with her group of girls right before they went on to perform. She did a great job with them.

A the end of the night, all the teachers were honored for a job well done with a rose.

I loved getting to come watch Jade and Mayci perform. They did such a great job and I hope they liked their flowers as well. :)

A few days after the performance, I got this text from my sister that confirmed what I had hoped:

"Mayci is sitting eating breakfast with one hand holding the vase of her flower! Also she has to tell everyone that this is her flower about 100 times a day!"

Made my day! :)

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