Wednesday, June 27, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Kits

New St. Patrick's Day kits I put together last night from The Idea Closet.

All ready for next year! ;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Blog Book 2011

I love getting our blog printed and made into a book each year. It's such a great scrapbook and journal for us and when it comes every year, Andrew and I love to sit down together, look back through it and reminisce. :) So here's the third edition - Our Blog Book 2011.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Since we were in SLC Friday buying a new truck, we decided to just make a weekend of it. Saturday was Andrew's birthday and in the afternoon we had a party for my niece Kinley's birthday. Her mom had asked me to make either a princess cake or cupcakes for the party. I decided to make princess cupcakes because I made Kinley a crown cake last year.

Heart Sprinkles

Pink Sanding Sugar

Kinley's party was at a splash pad close to their house. Such fun on a hot day!


Lincoln's back ;), Jade and Mayci


Lincoln and Jade

What Grandpa and Will did while the presents were being opened. ;)

We got Kinley a cute little polka dot crown dress. When I saw it, I just couldn't resist buying it for her. ;)

Andrew opening his birthday present from my parents. They know what he likes!

Saturday night we invited anyone who wanted to come to Andrew's birthday dinner at Rodizio Grill. It worked out that Andrew's parents and sister Alicia were also in town so it was a fun crowd. :)

Andrew getting the "meat sweats". :P

When they brought out the desserts we ordered, they lit a candle in Andrew's flan and sang to him using a drum. Unfortunately my picture of that didn't turn out too well. :(

We finished the night off by taking a walk through the new City Creek Center.

Andrew's New Truck

For the last 4 years Andrew has owned his dream truck...a Toyota Tundra, but for the last little while he's been talking about selling it and getting a smaller truck since he doesn't actually use his truck for pulling anything. So he listed it for sale on and it sold last week. We were both sad to see it go, but also excited for his next truck. Andrew looked at quite a few online and this past Friday we went out to SLC to buy one for him. He ended up with a Ford Explorer Sport Trac and he loves it to say the least! It has all the options even though it's a little older vehicle, but because of that, we have all the benefits of a smaller truck payment. ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strata Annual Meeting

Every year our local phone company does a community BBQ and then they conduct a meeting where they report how the company is doing. At the end of the meeting, they do a prize drawing and if you've stayed until that point, you have the chance of winning one of the prizes. We go most years because it's a fun BBQ and we always stay for the prizes just in case, but we've never won anything...until this year! This year they pulled Andrew's name out as the winner of an iPod touch! He was so excited that he jumped right out of his seat and clapped his hands. :)

We'll definitely be there again next year! ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Tuck Swap

Last night our swap group met for the month. Our theme for June was Summer. The tuck I made is above and the one I came home with is below. I got Angie's tuck this month and it's so cute! I am so into burlap right now and I'm glad I'm not the only one. ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Book Club

Last night we got together again for book club. Savannah chose this month's book, "For Cryin' Out Loud!" by Dianne Blaine Hardy.

The rural community of Roosevelt, Utah, was an idyllic place in the1950s. Everyone knew their neighbors and no one locked their doors at night. By all appearances, the Blaines are the ideal Roosevelt family. Father is the school principal and well-liked by everyone in town; Mother cooks and cleans and shepherds the children to church each Sunday. But appearances can be misleading. In reality, the Blaine family is a disaster.

In a time when children were seen and not heard, young Dianne Blaine wrestles with her mother's despair, her father's rage, and her older sister's sexual rebellion. To make sense of this place where nothing is as it seems, Dianne must confront the secrets her family keeps in the shadows and the hypocrisy that hides in plain sight.

For Cryin' Out Loud! is a breathtakingly honest, courageous, and moving tale of struggle and self-discovery.

I mentioned in this post that this book was written by Savannah's grandma whom I had the pleasure of meeting. Then last night at book club Savannah's mom and sister were also able to join us and I had the best time just sitting around and visiting with them about all the different parts of this book on a more personal level while eating a meal that Savannah made for us based on foods her grandma likes to eat. We had meatloaf, asparagus, green salad and cherry pie for dessert.

More specifically about the book, I loved learning about how the town I live in now differed in the 1950's. I loved reading about the author's days at Wasatch Academy including that she didn't know what a muffin was before she arrived there! I also enjoyed reading about her experiences with her friends in her teenage years. She wrote this book about her young life very candidly. She doesn't hold back and just tells it like it is!

When I finished reading the book I texted Savannah and told her that she was so lucky because most people don't have these kinds of stories written down about their grandparents and I think it's really a treasure that she does. :) Until next month!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flowers for Fishing

Andrew has been fishing a lot lately. I'm talking fishing almost every night after work and once even on his lunch break. Especially since he heard about a nice pond only about 2 miles from our house loaded with the biggest rainbow trout he's ever seen! When he was driving home from work last night, I was giving him a hard time about all the time he's been spending out there and the next thing I know he's at the door with this beautiful flower arrangement. I'm such a lucky girl! Spoiled, I know, but lucky to have him. :)