Thursday, May 3, 2012

Andrew's Work Conference

Last Thursday and Friday, Andrew had the opportunity to attend a stove training in SLC for his job and I was able to arrange to tag along. We left last Wednesday night and arrived at the Radisson in downtown SLC where Andrew was being put up for 2 nights. :) We've stayed at the Radisson before, but it has been completely remodeled and while it was nice before, now it is even better!

Thursday morning I dropped Andrew off at his training in Sugar house and then I spent the day shopping! When I picked him up that afternoon, we went back to the hotel for a little bit and then we walked over to Energy Solutions Arena for a Jazz game. This was the R&R part of the conference Andrew as attending. ;) We had a private banquet room on level 1 of ESA before the game started where they served hot dogs, chips and soda. I had never been down to this level of ESA before so it was pretty fun! They also gave us a Jazz apron before we headed up to our seats. Then again at halftime we headed down to level 1 for nachos and popcorn and a little visit from the Jazz Bear! He blasted confetti and threw posters and mini basketballs everywhere so Andrew grabbed a ball for him and I got a poster and ball for my nephew Lincoln.

Friday morning I dropped Andrew off at his training again and then I headed down to my brother's house because I was going to go with my SIL Misty, nephew Lincoln and niece Kinley to the aquarium in Sandy. We had a great time seeing the otters and penguins and petting the stingrays. Here are some fun pics...

All too soon, we were headed back home, but it was a fun time and I think Andrew enjoyed his training too. :)

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  1. Looks like you had a super fun time. But just think how much funner next week is going to be. ;)