Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alaska Cruise Vacation Day 9 - Victoria, B.C.

Saturday was mostly a day at sea, however, we did get to pull into port in Victoria, B.C. in the early evening for a short stay.

During the day on board, Andrew and I checked out the last of the ship that we hadn't seen and we found this picture on one of the stair landings. It's our ship when it was still under construction.

Andrew also got his chance to do karaoke that afternoon. ;) The ship had karaoke almost every day, but it was always when we were at dinner or some other time when we couldn't make it so we were glad we could find this time. Josh and Savannah also sang a few songs so it was fun!

We pulled into port in Victoria at 6 p.m.

We were outside on the deck looking at the scenery while we waited for the announcement to disembark when we spotted a harbor seal and then we were greeted by this fun group of people.

Our ship's "parking spot" and we pulled right up to it. ;)

For our excursion, we were going on a horse-drawn carriage for an hour tour of the city.

We saw beautiful gardens and historic houses.

Representing the Canadian provinces and territories.

We also saw the British Columbia Parliament Building and a statue of Queen Victoria.

The last stop on our excursion was Beacon Hill. A beautiful park with a lot to see and do and everything is free to the public. We saw many things there, but among them was a squirrel, a peacock, a redwood tree, an extremely tall totem pole and the views were incredible.

The land you see farthest in the distance is the United States. I thought that was pretty neat to think about.

Once we were back on the dock, we took a taxi over to an area called Fisherman's Wharf so we could meet up with Josh & Savannah and Todd & Randi.

From there, Andrew and I walked back into downtown Victoria.

We shopped a little and were able to see the Parliament building all lit up at night.

We took a taxi back to the ship after we were done shopping and had a late dinner at the buffet on board. Then we spent the rest of the evening packing because the next day we would be docked in Seattle at the end of our cruise.

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  1. I loved Alaska, but overall Victoria was the prettiest place we stopped. Wish we could have had more time to spend there. It also sucked that a lot of businesses were still closed since their "official" season didn't start for another week. But yet, they must love the cruise lines if our ship had its own parking spot.