Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alaska Cruise Vacation Day 6 - Skagway

Wednesday we arrived in Skagway pretty early in the morning. After breakfast we met up with Josh & Savannah and Todd & Randi and got off the ship. We got onto buses that were parked right on the dock and while we waited a few minutes, we got to check out this mountainside painted with the emblems of all the cruise ships that have ever docked in Skagway. Our bus driver (who was a Utah State University student working in Skagway for the summer) later called it an unofficial ship registry. I thought it was pretty cool!

Once our bus left Skagway, we started up the mountain toward Yukon Territory to a town called Fraser. That's where we would catch a train for a beautiful scenic ride back down to Skagway.

United States and Canada border crossing in Fraser.

Our train was late getting in and as soon as we saw it, we knew why! Our train had had to push through the snow that had blown across the track!

It was so windy and cold outside waiting to get on the train.

Each car had its own stove and restroom so it was much better once we got on the train. :)

Views of rock walls and just snow was sometimes all we could see!

Andrew outside on the back of the car showing his breath. ;)

The old gold rush trail.

The conductor. ;)

We went through 2 different tunnels on our way down the mountain.

The closer we got we got to Skagway, the less snow there was.

A memorial marker where 2 men and their mules were killed by this huge boulder.

When we arrived back in Skagway, our bus was waiting for us to take us to the next part of our excursion, which was a gold rush trail camp named Liarsville.

They gave us garters when we got off the bus in Liarsville so they could keep everyone together with the group they came with.

To start off our time in Liarsville, we had a salmon bake lunch. Then we wandered over to a small area where we saw a fun little show and then we got to pan for gold. :)

Funny thing is I didn't even know Randi took these pictures of me, but apparently I wasn't too happy with the small flakes of gold I wasn't finding. ;)

From Liarsville, we got back on our bus again for the last stop of our excursion at the Red Onion Saloon. The Red Onion Saloon was a brothel back in the gold rush days and today there is a small tour you can go on in the upstairs of the building and hear some history about those days. Downstairs is now a restaurant complete with saloon girls.

Our visit to the Red Onion Saloon unfortunately ended up being a huge disappointment. We had all been teasing each other for months about the saloon girls there flirting with the guys and how the guys were going to get their pictures taken with the girls. The teasing never stopped, but after we took our very crowded, 5 minute tour upstairs, we were ushered downstairs and the tour was over. There was no where to sit, no saloon girls for the guys to get their pictures taken with, nothing. We went out the front door and it was over. Everyone was so disappointed! In the end, after some souvenir shopping, we all found our way back to the Red Onion for a picture with one of the saloon girls, but it was kinda sad.

The best part about Skagway was that we had some time to see the town and do some souvenir shopping after our excursion! When we finally returned to the ship late in the afternoon, the wind was blowing so hard and cold, but we had had a great day in Skagway. :)

The train that pushes the snow off the train tracks in Skagway.

Our shipped docked in Skagway.

Tonight's towel animal was a bird! I'd never had such a small towel animal before. Now I think it's one of my most favorite towel animals ever. :)

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  1. I love Andrew's breathing picture on the train. And the bird. I'm so jealous! If I had gotten one of those, I might have packed him up and brought him home.