Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alaska Cruise Vacation Day 5 - Juneau

Tuesday we weren't scheduled to arrive in Juneau until 2 p.m. so we spent part of the morning outside watching the scenery go by again.

Once we arrived in Juneau, it look a little while to get the ship docked so we hung out outside on the deck just admiring the view and the town. There were at least 2 other cruise ships in port with us.

While we were outside on deck, a photographer asked if we wanted our picture taken and it ended up being the picture I bought to remember Juneau by. :)

When the call came that we could disembark, there was a huge traffic jam in the main stairwell. Savannah was down one flight and took a picture of Andrew waiting at the top. ;)

Once we got off the ship, we got on a bus that took us to our whale watching cruise. This is a shot I got of our ship docked in Juneau. We were too close to the ship on the bus so I had to take the ship's picture in 2 shots. ;)

Just a few of the things we saw along the way were some bald eagles and a tanker ship in the harbor. Tanker ships bringing fuel in is how Juneau gets it fuel.

Our whale watching boat.

Once we arrived at the whale watching boat dock, we boarded our boat and found some seats. We hadn't been on the water for very long at all when we started seeing the whales! My favorite was a mother and baby. Our guide suspected the baby had just been born in Hawaii about 3 weeks ago. We did a whale watching cruise in Hawaii when we visited a few years ago so I knew that whale watching was a must-do when we were in Alaska. :)

Glacier in the distance.

A whale tail!

Sea Lions

Bald Eagles

A lighthouse on an island in the channel we were in.

Our whale watching cruise route.

Holding a whale baleen plate.

From here we got back on our bus for a short ride over to Mendenhall Glacier. Honestly, the glacier was almost too amazing to describe. I was standing in front of it and it was so surreal. Just beautiful blue and awe inspiring. The reason the glacier is blue is because the weight of the glacier pushes all the oxygen out and blue is the only light that can be reflected through.

Mendenhall Lake

Andrew touching a piece of the glacier in the visitor's center.

Love the waterfall off to the right side of this picture.

After we left the glacier, our bus took us back to our cruise ship. Since we had booked such a long excursion in Juneau, we didn't have any time left to shop and walk around town, but we loved everything about our excursion so it was worth it. :)

Tonight's towel animal was a bunny!

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  1. You were in the picture too, until stupid twinkle toes leaned over right a I snapped the picture! As you can tell, I'm still bitter she lasted so long in Dancing with the Pearl Stars based solely on the fact they liked her ugly shoes.