Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alaska Cruise Vacation Day 10 - Seattle

When we woke up Sunday morning, our ship was docked in Seattle. We had participated in a program that took our bags off the ship and to the airport. From there, they were put on our flight and were waiting for us in SLC at baggage claim when we arrived. That was so nice because then we just had one carry-on bag so we could see some of the sites in Seattle without having all our luggage with us. We were one of the first to get off the ship as well since we had participated in this program! We got off the ship around 8 a.m. and from the pier, we walked up to the Space Needle.

View of the Space Needle from our ship.

We paid to go up in the Space Needle and we were able to get a picture of us at the top of the Space Needle with our ship docked in the background. I thought that was pretty cool since I have been to Seattle several times, but I had never come in on a cruise ship until now!

There was a Color Me Rad run going on in Seattle that morning and from our viewpoint on top of the Space Needle, we were able to see the runners throwing their colored corn starch as they finished the race. :)

From here our group split up as Andrew wanted to stay at the Seattle Center and see if he could check out a Nirvana exhibit that was going on down by the Space Needle. Turned out that we didn't have enough time to see it before we had to be at the airport, but he did get a Nirvana shirt as a souvenir.

From the Seattle Center we took the monorail to the Westlake Center Mall and had lunch and then below the mall, underground, we caught the light rail that took us all the way to the airport. Josh & Savannah and Todd & Randi met us there before we boarded our flight home.

It was such an amazing vacation and I had such a blast getting to experience it with our good friends. It's something we talk about all the time now and I'm sure we will for years to come!


  1. I had been to Seattle one other time. We went to the Space Needle, but didn't go up. It was fun to get to go up this time.

  2. Your cruise looked awesome! I am so jealous but happy that you got to go and got to go with friends... how fun! Thanks for the play by play and all the pictures :)