Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Swap Group

Naomi took charge this month and decided to have us decorate baskets for Easter and then she asked us to bring 10 (since there are 10 of us in the group) of something to trade so that each basket would have one of every item that every person brought. I was really excited for her idea so I went straight home after March swap and bought 10 adorable Easter ornies on ebay.

When we got together Tuesday night, everyone got to work decorating their Easter baskets and trading what they had brought. I got a basket from the DI and filled it with the nice paper Easter grass.

Then I added this cute carrot Chinese take out container that I filled with jelly beans and a Skittles egg and finished the basket off with a coffee-stained Easter bow!

Here is my basket finished with one of everything after we were done trading.

All the finished baskets.

Then each basket was assigned a number and we drew numbers out of a bowl to see which basket we were going home with. I got Naomi's basket and here's what was inside.

This marked the end of yet another year of swap group. We have decided to continue on though! Starting next month we are going back to swapping tucks since everyone enjoyed that so much before. Stay tuned. :)


  1. It was such a fun idea! Everything turned out so cute.

  2. Also, I just remembered how you kept your favorite ornie for yourself. So I had to look at your pics again to figure out which one you kept. That would have been my favorite too. :)