Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Book Club

Last Thursday night we got together again for book club. I chose this month's book, "Love Comes Softly" by Janette Oke.

Nineteen-year-old Marty Claridge starts west with her adventurous, boyish husband, Clem, seeking to claim land and hoping for good fortune. But when the venture turns suddenly to tradegy, Marty is left alone with her great loss. And coupled with her grief and heartache is the grim reality that there is no way to return home.

Clark Davis and his little girl, Missie, are also in great need. Clark's wife has died, leaving him to care for Missie and the farm at the same time. His offer to Marty comes with good intention, but will courage and faith be enough to bring them to true love?

Since I chose the book, that made it my turn to host the book club at my house. I fed everyone a dinner of Chicken and Black Bean Tacos, green salad and raspberry lemonade while we discussed the book.

Then, since this book has been made into a made-for-TV movie, we decided to watch it as part of book club while enjoying Goblin's Popcorn. Until next month!

Popcorn plate. ;)

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  1. It was fun to get together, like always. ;) Dinner was really good.