Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine Mailboxes

I saw these cute mailboxes on Pinterest and couldn't resist making them. It took me a while to track down all the supplies I needed though. I finally found the mailboxes at Michaels and they were 2 of only 3 they had left! (Though now I've learned Target has mini mailboxes in their dollar section. Who knew!) I ended up finding the candlesticks at Dollar Tree of all places, but then they were only a dollar! ;) I sprayed painted the candlesticks black and Savannah cut out the vinyl for me with her Cricut. After I put the vinyl on the mailboxes, I glued the candlestick to the mailbox using E6000 glue and voila! Love them! Now Andrew and I can leave each other fun little love notes all month long. :)

*Now that I've found where I can get these candlesticks, I have so many more things I want to do with them! Can't wait!

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