Wednesday, February 22, 2012

USU's Loveboat Casino Night

Every year USU, here in the Basin, has a Loveboat casino night and we have been going ever since it started. There is always some kind of dinner included, a live DJ along with karaoke and different gaming tables. It's just an all around fun evening. We usually go with Brandon and Kim, which is what we did again this year. Andrew and Brandon have fun playing Blackjack with their fake money ;) while Kim and I enjoy sitting to the side and catching up on life. There are prizes that you can buy at the end of the night with your winnings and we've gotten some fun things over the years. This year, you bought tickets with your winnings and put them in a drawing for the prize you wanted to win. We put ours in for this Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Band Bundle and amazingly enough, we won it! Andrew was soooo excited!

Throughout the night, they were also drawing for smaller prizes and Andrew won an Xbox 360 game that Brandon was eyeing so Andrew gave it to him, but Brandon and Kim also had their own luck! They won a mini fridge, which is the prize they had put in to win. :)

Can't wait until next year!

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  1. I still can't believe yours and Brandon's luck. :p Now I wish we could have gone, but really, that was a busy enough night for us.