Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I started out Valentine's Day this year with my traditional pink pancakes with pink milk, but this year I did heart-shaped pink pancakes and served them on some cute valentine plates that I found at Walmart with matching valentine cups for the pink milk. :)

As I was walking through the kitchen that morning to get Andrew's gift ready, Andrew had this sitting on the counter waiting for me.

It's something Savannah saw on Pinterest and she knew I would love it, but it was originally a necklace. I had them make it into a bracelet because I knew I would wear it more and then I gave it to Andrew about a month ago to save for me for Valentine's Day. I actually had forgotten about it so that made it fun! Andrew found the card himself and said he liked what it said. I thought that was cute. :)

Love this quote!

Among other things (including cheese!), I surprised Andrew with bacon roses. They were something he saw on facebook a while ago, but Savannah found a blog that showed how to actually make them so I bought what I needed and secretly put them together that morning. :) He thought they were awesome! When I asked him if he liked the bacon roses, he said, "Whose wife does that?!" Apparently he was glad his wife did!

A few hours into my work day, this delivery came for me. I told Andrew he did good! Take a closer look at the vase the roses are in and you'll see why I thought they were the best flowers he's ever given me! I love the vintage look and fudge-dipped strawberries are always yummy. :D

At lunchtime, I met Andrew at home and his big valentine present was waiting on the doorstep.

An ice fishing sled that he's been wanting so he can pull all his gear across the ice instead of packing it. ;)

After work, I headed home to meet Savannah. She and I were making Valentine's Day dinner for our hubby's! For dinner, I made Lasagna and Garlic Bread and Savannah made Spinach Strawberry Salad and 7 Layer Jello. To drink, Savannah made Love Potion and for dessert, I made Coeur a la Creme with Raspberry Sauce. It was all so delicious and we were stuffed! I think our hubby's were happy too. ;)

We used my china, but I especially love my new Sweet Heart Plates from Crate&Barrel!

To make it even more special, we ate by candlelight.

Here are the cute treats that I made for all my friends and coworkers. I got the idea and free printable tags from Pinterest.

We also received a few Valentine's Day treats from our friends and family as well.

From Savannah

From Andrew's mom

From my mom

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. It was a great dinner, thanks for having us. You were defianetly spoiled all day long.