Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

This is what our second annual New Year's Eve fondue party looked like!

Bacon-wrapped Tater Tots

We added some new things to our yummy favorites from last year and it was all so delicious. :)

Also, Todd and Randi (and their cute little boy) were able to join us this year and we all played the 2 Wii's that were going until the early hours of the morning. At midnight we all went outside to light fireworks and since it has been so warm this winter, we were actually able to enjoy the fireworks we lit and the ones going off all around town. ;)

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and getting together with them on New Year's Eve is always a great way to start my new year. :)

Happy New Year!

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  1. Just looking at all that food makes me want to do it again this weekend. That was so much fun.