Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year Party

After our fun New Year's Eve party with all our friends, we were feeling the need to get together again and have some more fun so Andrew suggested having a Chinese New Year party. Mostly it was just our excuse to eat a delicious Chinese dinner and have our friends over. ;)

While I was in SLC this past Saturday, Andrew also suggested that I go to Zurchers and get some fun things for our party. Surprisingly to me, the Chinese New Year section was pretty picked over (I didn't realize how many people in Utah celebrated it!), but I still found some cute decorations and Savannah pitched in and bought 3 of the hats. :) Thanks, Savannah!

Monday was the Chinese New Year so Savannah came home with me after work so we could start cooking! We made Bulgogi, which is actually a Korean dish, Ham Fried Rice and 2 types of Wontons with either a sausage filling or a cream cheese filling. We even had chopsticks to eat everything with and fortune cookies at the end of the meal. :)

The boys had a red hat along with a Chinese finger trap.

The girls had either a purple or pink hat and a Chinese fan.

Taken right as we were sitting down to eat. Look at all that good food...Yum!

Brandon and Kim brought 3 bottles of different flavored apple ciders for everyone to drink during the meal and for dessert Savannah brought Raspberry Lemonade Bars. We were so stuffed!

Love these guys!

We finished the night by lighting off an aerial firework in the snow!

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