Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yeast Breads/Rolls Cooking Class Night 2

Last night we made a really versatile dough that can be made into dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. We split up into groups of 2 and mixed up a batch of the dough and then we cut the dough in half and used one half for dinner rolls and the other half for cinnamon rolls. We practiced the dinner rolls first because they took longer to rise. I liked the rolls made from this dough a lot more than the first night because these rolls had much more flavor.

Once the rolls came out of the oven, we rubbed butter on them so they would shine. :)

Then it was time to use the other half of the dough to make cinnamon rolls! First we used our hands to manipulate the dough into a rectangle.

Then we spread softened butter on the dough just using our fingers.

Next we sprinkled on brown sugar, cinnamon and white sugar.

Then we rolled the dough up into a roll and folded the ends over so the filling didn't fall out.

Next we cut the big roll into individual cinnamon rolls and set them aside to rise.

When they were done baking, we immediately spread homemade icing on them. YUM!

In the end we got 20 dinner rolls and 20 cinnamon rolls from the same batch of dough and they were both delicious!

Class picture with our instructors on the back row.

I had fun taking this class especially since I got to take it with Savannah. :) Can't wait until next week when we do Thanksgiving pies!

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