Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yeast Breads/Rolls Cooking Class Night 1

A few weeks ago Andrew saw an ad in the Nickel Ads for a 2 week, 4 night cooking class at the UBATC in Roosevelt. The first 2 nights in the first week the class would be taught how to make yeast breads/rolls and the second 2 nights in the second week the class would be taught how to make Thanksgiving pies. He thought that Savannah and I would have fun taking them so he called me to tell me about it. I mentioned it to Savannah and we enrolled last week.

Last night was the first night of our yeast breads/rolls class and I was pretty excited! Savannah and I reminded each other to bring our aprons and though we were the only ones in the class who had aprons, we were glad we brought them because flour was flying. ;)

First we learned how to make bread and while our bread was rising, one of our instructors made some roll dough and we practiced pinching off the perfect-sized dinner roll.

We got to sample both the bread and rolls as they were coming out of the oven and we also got to take home 2 loaves of bread and some rolls to share with our families. Andrew was cutting a slice of bread and had one roll eaten almost as soon as I walked in the door! I do love that he absolutely devours anything I make. ;)

Stay tuned for the second night of yeast breads/rolls class. It's tonight and we're making cinnamon rolls and refrigerator dough!

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