Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Pies Cooking Class Night 2

Last night was the second night of my Thanksgiving pies cooking class. We could choose to make a pumpkin pie, a berry pie, a coconut cream pie or a banana cream pie. I chose banana cream and I am so glad I chose to make a cream pie because we made the pudding filling from scratch and it is so amazingly or cold!

Blind baking my pie crust for the first 10 minutes it was in the oven.

Baking continues after the beans were taken out.

Pudding filling thickening on the stove top.


There you have it!
Just waiting to be cut into slices and topped with whipped cream. :D

Since the homemade apple pie filling we made the night before was too hot to take home then, our instructors brought it back and put it in baggies for us to take home last night. One baggie makes one pie so I put mine in the freezer to pull out for Thanksgiving!

This was the last night of the 2 classes I signed up to take and I had so much fun and learned a lot, but I'm especially glad that I got to take them with Savannah. We have so much fun together no matter what we do because we are so alike in so many ways, but I love having her to do stuff like this with especially. The classes just wouldn't have been quite as fun doing them on my own. :)

Our instructors are now talking about doing a candy making class in December and I hope they do!

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