Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pineapple Bag

A while back, I found instructions to make this adorable pineapple bag on Pinterest, but I knew I would need my Grandma's help and expertise to pull it off. When I found out she was coming to visit for Thanksgiving, I was so excited! I asked her to pack some yellow and green fabrics from her personal stash and we set up an evening to get together and sew while she was here.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving I went up to my mom's house to sew and I can actually say that I sewed the entire top of this bag thanks to everything my Grandma taught me. :D

Cutting out the top.

Finished top.

The back (that I think actually looks like a pineapple, don't you?)

The lining.

The top.

Grandma sewing it all together for me. :)

To finish it off, I bought some cute pineapple buttons on ebay. I love them and I absolutely love the way the bag turned out! Thank you, Grandma. I love you the most! ;)


  1. I saw it last night and LOVED it. Its even cuter in real life. You have such an awesome grandma to help you with that.