Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Kits

New Halloween kits I put together Tuesday night from The Idea Closet. :)


  1. You already know I think these are cute. But just looking at yours makes me glad I decided to actually stick with her paper this time.

  2. I love them too!
    The subway art is my fav.
    BTW, I'm a slow blogger lately (ya like the last 9 months) But your jam looks way yummy! Don't ya just love seeing the finished project all pretty in jars!
    I did get my bunting all done. I love it too! I'm so going to make a give thanks, and most likely a noel as well, and ooo, then i'll need a happy new year, and we can't let valentines day go by, and what about abe and george? and so it goes on and on!!! lol
    I did it backwards the first time and had to cut it off and re do it the right way. for now, it's hanging over the bathtub in my west bathroom. I love it! Thanks a bunch