Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Blessing Cupcakes

When my sister called to invite Andrew and I to my nephew Will's baby blessing, I asked what I could bring for the dinner she and her husband were having for the family afterward. When she asked if I could bring a dessert, I offered to bring cupcakes and the idea just kind of spiraled from there with she and I picking out some cute cupcake baking cups and some adorable baby-themed picks. I had so much fun making them for her and I think they turned out so cute!

Three dozen cupcakes boxed up and ready to go. ;)

Jade helped me put all the picks into the cupcakes right before we served them on my new cupcake stand. :)

It was also my SIL Misty's birthday on Sunday so my mom called and asked me to bring a special birthday cupcake just for her. I thought that was such a thoughtful idea so I came up with a last minute birthday cupcake idea using what I had in my cupboard. ;) Happy Birthday, Misty!

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