Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Pumpkins

Last Thursday Andrew and I had a free night and decided that we should get our pumpkins carved for Halloween! Earlier in the week I saw an idea on Williams Sonoma's facebook wall for a pumpkin carved like a pineapple and I feel in love so that is what I decided to carve on my pumpkin this year. Andrew had a tough time deciding what to do on his, but in the end he carved the Toyota emblem on his pumpkin. :)

I love the way they turned out. Can't wait to get them lit on our porch tonight!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taste of Home Cooking School

A few weeks ago at book club, Savannah asked us all if we wanted to go to the Taste of Home Cooking School together. I'm always up for a girls night so I said I would love to go. :)

Tickets for the show were on sale at a local grocery store and you could save $3 if you bought them there instead of at the door the night of the show so a few days after book club I was on my way to buy my ticket when Andrew called me and said that Nielsen's, the furniture store that he works for, was going to be a sponsor of the show and that he had 2 free tickets! I kept one ticket for myself and offered the other ticket to Savannah since going to the show was her idea ;) and last night we headed to Vernal to check it out.

We met up with our other friend Randi there and had a good time watching the cooking demonstrations and chatting with each other. Everyone got a goodie bag as they went in to the show and there were many other prizes that they drew for throughout the show, but unfortunately, I only came away with just my goodie bag at the end of the night. :( It was still a fun night hanging out with the girls though!

The Nielsen's booth showcasing some of their beautiful stainless steel KitchenAid appliances.
Can you tell I'm drooling? ;)

The Nielsen's banner on stage along with more appliances from Nielsen's that were actually being used for the cooking demonstration.

Our cooking instructor.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Blessing Cupcakes

When my sister called to invite Andrew and I to my nephew Will's baby blessing, I asked what I could bring for the dinner she and her husband were having for the family afterward. When she asked if I could bring a dessert, I offered to bring cupcakes and the idea just kind of spiraled from there with she and I picking out some cute cupcake baking cups and some adorable baby-themed picks. I had so much fun making them for her and I think they turned out so cute!

Three dozen cupcakes boxed up and ready to go. ;)

Jade helped me put all the picks into the cupcakes right before we served them on my new cupcake stand. :)

It was also my SIL Misty's birthday on Sunday so my mom called and asked me to bring a special birthday cupcake just for her. I thought that was such a thoughtful idea so I came up with a last minute birthday cupcake idea using what I had in my cupboard. ;) Happy Birthday, Misty!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bountiful Basket Fall Pack

I haven't ordered a Bountiful Basket in a while, but I still get their emails every week and I like to look and see what kind of add-ons they have. For the past few weeks, they have been offering a Fall Pack that included 3 pumpkins (2 small and 1 medium), 5 gourds and 7 Indian corn (5 mini and 2 large) for $15. I thought it would be a really fun fall decoration so I asked my friend Randi, who is a site coordinator, to order it for me. She did and I picked it up from her yesterday. I came straight home to get it displayed and I am especially loving the mini Indian corn. ;) So cute!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Belated Birthday Present

When I went to pick Kim up for book club last night, she handed me this very cutely wrapped gift and said it was a belated birthday present. She apologized since my birthday was in August, but secretly I'm glad she waited because I absolutely love what she made for me! Thank you again, Kim. I love it!

October Book Club

Last night we got together again for book club. Tina chose this month's book, "The Blog" by Carolyn Adams-Hanchett.

Investigative journalism student, Abigail Houston, knew taking a stand meant taking risks. What she didn’t know, was the liberal agenda imposed by her university was part of something sinister...something that threatened the very soul of America, as well as her very existence. Elijah Morningstar knew he was in love with Abigail Houston; he also know standing with her could jeopardize his political career. What he didn't know was that she would disintegrate his entire belief system.

Tina fed us dinner and we had a great time discussing the book and just talking and laughing about anything and everything. :) I love these girls and can't wait until next month!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Kits

New Halloween kits I put together Tuesday night from The Idea Closet. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Homemade Raspberry Jam

The same night we harvested all of our mini pumpkins, we also picked enough raspberries from our garden to make 2 half-pints of homemade raspberry jam. This was the first time I had ever made jam on my own, but I found the pectin at the store in this perfectly-sized portion and got to work. It was actually really easy and Andrew has absolutely loved the jam! I caught him eating it right out of the jar with a spoon. :D Guess it must be good!

All the raspberries that were left after the jam was made. ;)

Bluebell Corn Maze 2011

The corn maze is something I look forward to every year and this year we got to go with Josh and Savannah. We had to buy our traditional glow sticks and hot chocolates before we headed in and we made it through the first side of the maze pretty quickly, but the second side we got rather lost in! I guess that's the point, right?! We had a great time with them though and I especially love enjoying all the fun that fall brings!

Andrew being the "guide". ;) I would never make it through the maze without him!

On the bridge overlooking the corn.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mini Pumpkin Harvest

We've been having rainy weather in my neck of the woods for the past few days, but yesterday afternoon it cleared up and I knew our first freeze of the season was coming soon so last night Andrew helped me pick all my mini pumpkins from the garden. I got 28 in all, which is awesome! I've only ever had 5 at the most. :D

Can't wait to get them displayed all around my house inside and out!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Swap Group

This month it was my turn to host the swap group at my house! The project I chose for the group to make was a Fall Burlap Bunting. I made mine beforehand so I could help everyone else make theirs and also because I love to decorate for the fall and I wanted to be able to have mine done to display as long as possible. ;) I think everyone had a good time making theirs and hopefully they will love theirs just as much as I love mine!

I also love to entertain so I had made some fun treats for us to snack on while we crafted. :)

I had never thought about dipping raspberries in chocolate this way. Learned that little tidbit on Pinterest! ;)

Found this fun idea in one of the cupcake books Savannah gave me for my birthday! Aren't they cute? :)