Monday, September 26, 2011

Monogram Jute-Wrapped Letter

Recently I was introduced to a new website called Pinterest and I am in love! I have found so many ideas from cooking to crafting and everywhere in between. I have tried many new recipes and yesterday, I tried my first Pinterest craft.

Now the picture of this project on Pinterest was just that - a picture, so knowing myself and how I like step-by-step instructions ;), I googled twine-wrapped letters and many how-to tutorials came up. Basically you buy the letter you want to wrap, I got mine at Roberts Crafts, and start wrapping!

The tutorials I saw used a cardboard letter, but I didn't want one that big so mine is wood that's painted white. Either way it works! I started by wrapping the jute horizontally across the entire letter securing with hot glue on the front and back each time I wrapped it around.

Once that was done, I started wrapping the jute vertically - again securing with hot glue on the front and back each time I wrapped it around.

Ta-da! There you have it. It did take a couple hours however, so it was a good Sunday project. ;)

To finish the letter, some of the tutorials I saw added ribbon and made it into a door hanger. I decided to google felt rosettes and learn how to make those. Again, several tutorials came up, but they were all basically the same and this is what I ended up with. Cute, huh?! I even used my favorite damask felt. Love it!


  1. I LOVE IT! I still have the "C" you found for me at the DI, I think I'm going to use it to make this.

  2. Gorgeous, Jessica! I love it! I haven't ventured to do much with my Pinterest yet since we're sort of crammed in here, but I can't wait to try this, looks SO good! :-)