Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earrings from Apple Country Crafts

Back in April I made a comment on facebook to win 5 pairs of earrings from one of my favorite stores to visit when I'm in Price...Apple Country Crafts.

Well I won!

I was so excited, but over the last few months I just haven't been able to connect up with the owner and good friend to my sister, Kari Richardson, to choose and have her create some cute earrings for me. This past Saturday, however, I was finally able to and I can't tell you how much I LOVE my new earrings!

If you're wondering what these are...Yep, that's right! Pineapples!
I told Kari that I thought the bottom bead looked like a pineapple so she can up with the top and I think they're perfect pineapples!

Thanks so much Apple Country Crafts and Kari! I've worn a pair every day since. :) Thank you too Heidi for helping choose the beads for such cute earrings!

Also while we were there, my sister Heidi and I saw these things called phone bling. I decided to couldn't leave without a pineapple one for my phone and my sister Heidi got a cute one with a flower bead and a pretty blue bead on either side of the flower for her phone. :) It's so fun when I get to shop with my sisters.

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  1. I LOVE them, especially the pineapple ones and the ones next to them in the top picture.