Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BYU Football - Meet the Players 2011

Last week Andrew asked me if I wanted to go to Provo with him and meet the BYU football players for this season at an event being hosted for them. I agreed because I always love going to the city so last Tuesday we got off work around lunch time and headed to Provo. We stopped in Orem to do an errand for me and we went to both Fanzz stores in Orem and Provo to get a special autograph football for Andrew and a second smaller football for Andrew's dad.

We arrived at the event about 20 minutes before it was supposed to start and the line waiting to get in was already long! I let Andrew out to get in line while I went to park the car and then I walked back to stand with him. They opened the gates at about 6:10 pm and everyone rushed onto the practice field. They had white tents set up all over the perimeter of the field with players underneath. We stood in line at 2 different tent areas and then I told Andrew that before he got anymore autographs on his football that he should get Jake Heaps', BYU's quarterback and the autograph he had really come to get. ;)

McKay Jacobson signing Andrew's football. :)

We got in line for Jake Heaps and I told Andrew that I was confused. I didn't understand where Jake Heaps' tent was from where we were standing. Andrew pointed at a tent...the entire length of the field ahead! Since I could tell it was going to be a long wait, I told Andrew to go ahead and go to some other tents and get more autographs on some posters he got at the event. He checked in with me every now and again to show me his new autographs and after 2 HOURS of me waiting in line, Andrew had been to every tent and gotten every autograph except Jake Heaps!

By then I was really close to the front of the line so Andrew came and stood with me for the last few minutes and we got Jake's autograph on both footballs for Andrew and his dad and a quick picture.

The event was supposed to end at 8:30 pm and that was right when we were finally getting to Jake for an autograph and picture so I'm not sure what happened to all the people in line behind us because the line was still the entire length of the field!

As we were leaving the field, Andrew randomly spotted Chad Lewis, a former BYU player who played in the NFL and whom Andrew has met before, so he quickly ran up to him for an autograph as well. That was a fun surprise!

Even though we were there at lot longer than I expected, Andrew still took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Hermanos, for dinner before we headed home. It was a fun evening! I also enjoy being with and supporting Andrew...especially when it's something he loves as much as BYU Football. :)

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