Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Flowers

Andrew brought home flowers for me on Friday for my birthday. ♥ His flower creativity never disappoints either...this time the flowers are in this cute primitive sleigh with a star on each side. He also knows that my favorite color is purple so I absolutely love this arrangement!

He also gave me an iTunes gift card, but we decided to actually celebrate my birthday in a couple weekends with a trip to SLC and one of my favorite kitchen stores after our summer dutch oven activities fizzle out. Can't wait!

I was also spoiled with many facebook messages, texts, phone calls and visits from family and friends yesterday. I felt very loved. :)

As a side note...wait until you see what my mom gave me for my birthday! She hit it out of the park with this gift and it's something I get to put together myself so watch for more pictures to come!

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