Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earrings from Apple Country Crafts

Back in April I made a comment on facebook to win 5 pairs of earrings from one of my favorite stores to visit when I'm in Price...Apple Country Crafts.

Well I won!

I was so excited, but over the last few months I just haven't been able to connect up with the owner and good friend to my sister, Kari Richardson, to choose and have her create some cute earrings for me. This past Saturday, however, I was finally able to and I can't tell you how much I LOVE my new earrings!

If you're wondering what these are...Yep, that's right! Pineapples!
I told Kari that I thought the bottom bead looked like a pineapple so she can up with the top and I think they're perfect pineapples!

Thanks so much Apple Country Crafts and Kari! I've worn a pair every day since. :) Thank you too Heidi for helping choose the beads for such cute earrings!

Also while we were there, my sister Heidi and I saw these things called phone bling. I decided to couldn't leave without a pineapple one for my phone and my sister Heidi got a cute one with a flower bead and a pretty blue bead on either side of the flower for her phone. :) It's so fun when I get to shop with my sisters.

Uncle Sam Blocks

At the end of June I posted about the Freedom Subway Art I had just put together from the Idea Closet. Along with the Freedom Subway Art, the Idea Closet had a couple other Freedom Kits to choose from, but I had decided to behave myself and only order the 1 kit. ;) As our group of girls were putting together the Freedom Kits that night in June, I was watching Savannah do her Uncle Sam Blocks and I fell in love so I emailed Tracy and ordered one for me after all. I put it together last week and even though I won't get to display it until next year, I love it and had to share!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August Swap Group

Sarah took charge this month and taught us how to make picture frames out of pieces of trim. They were more time consuming then we planned though so we only had time to cut our pieces of trim to the lengths we needed and router out an edge for the picture to sit inside the frame once it was complete. Still it was great fun visiting with everyone outside in the cool summer air. :)

After we were done using the saws, we went back to Sarah's house where she fed us a yummy dessert and I won the giveaway put together by Savannah!

Later that week, Andrew helped me put my frame together using brackets and some really short screws. :)

I still have to either paint or stain my frame and then I'm going to get some beadboard to put in the center. I'm hoping it will turn out to be a really cute decoration for my house with a small wreath hanging on it. :D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Birthday!

I previously posted about my Birthday Flowers from Andrew, but this past weekend he and I were finally able to take a trip to SLC for my birthday! Andrew let me choose where I wanted to eat and Saturday night he also took me to a movie of my choice. To spoil me even more, the next day we went to the Coach store in Park City and I got to choose a new bag! I love it!!

I have also been wanting to post this picture of what Savannah gave me for my birthday!

They are the funnest cupcake books with so many cute ideas and recipes. I've already chosen some pumpkin cupcakes that I want to make this fall! Thanks so much, Savannah. Love you!

Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Dinner

Last Friday we were invited to a Mardi Gras murder mystery dinner at our friend's Todd and Randi's house. I was pretty excited to go because I had never been to one before. :D

How it works is each person invited is assigned a character in their invitation. Andrew was Bourbon DuPre: A jazz musician from the French Quarter and I was Elise St. Gresch: The young and attractive live-in maid at DuPre Chateau. The invitation then gave suggestions for costumes. Andrew's suggestions were a tuxedo or simply slacks and a flashy button-down shirt. His also suggested wearing an outrageous Mardi Gras costume with gold, green and purple and to bring a trumpet or a saxophone. My costume suggestions were a French maid costume or a little black dress with a white apron. It also suggested I bring a feather duster.

The invitation also suggested everyone feel free to wear a Mardi Gras mask as well!

I had fun putting our costumes together. I bought my Mardi Gras mask on a stick online and we got Andrew's at Zurchers. We found Mardi Gras beads at both Savers and Zurchers. We got Andrew's jazz hat at Zurchers and I stuck a couple king playing cards in the brim. We found Andrew's horn at DI with an old silk flower decoration hot glued to it that I just pulled off. I wore a "little black dress" apron and put a white apron over it just around my waist. I also put my Swiffer duster in my apron pocket. ;)

Todd, Randi, Savannah, Josh, Andrew, Me, Kim and Brandon.

After we all had arrived, we were quite the group!

We were all invited to sit around the dinner table and the meal took place around the story while we were trying to figure out who the murderer was. We each had a booklet with our part and Andrew was quite the comedian (I should expect this by now...) improvising on his part. Everyone was loving him! We also ate food that you would expect to eat in New Orleans such as gumbo and beignets for dessert. YUM!

We always have so much fun with this group of friends. Andrew and I are now talking about buying a murder mystery game ourselves and having a Lethal Luau Murder Mystery Dinner.

BYU Football - Meet the Players 2011

Last week Andrew asked me if I wanted to go to Provo with him and meet the BYU football players for this season at an event being hosted for them. I agreed because I always love going to the city so last Tuesday we got off work around lunch time and headed to Provo. We stopped in Orem to do an errand for me and we went to both Fanzz stores in Orem and Provo to get a special autograph football for Andrew and a second smaller football for Andrew's dad.

We arrived at the event about 20 minutes before it was supposed to start and the line waiting to get in was already long! I let Andrew out to get in line while I went to park the car and then I walked back to stand with him. They opened the gates at about 6:10 pm and everyone rushed onto the practice field. They had white tents set up all over the perimeter of the field with players underneath. We stood in line at 2 different tent areas and then I told Andrew that before he got anymore autographs on his football that he should get Jake Heaps', BYU's quarterback and the autograph he had really come to get. ;)

McKay Jacobson signing Andrew's football. :)

We got in line for Jake Heaps and I told Andrew that I was confused. I didn't understand where Jake Heaps' tent was from where we were standing. Andrew pointed at a tent...the entire length of the field ahead! Since I could tell it was going to be a long wait, I told Andrew to go ahead and go to some other tents and get more autographs on some posters he got at the event. He checked in with me every now and again to show me his new autographs and after 2 HOURS of me waiting in line, Andrew had been to every tent and gotten every autograph except Jake Heaps!

By then I was really close to the front of the line so Andrew came and stood with me for the last few minutes and we got Jake's autograph on both footballs for Andrew and his dad and a quick picture.

The event was supposed to end at 8:30 pm and that was right when we were finally getting to Jake for an autograph and picture so I'm not sure what happened to all the people in line behind us because the line was still the entire length of the field!

As we were leaving the field, Andrew randomly spotted Chad Lewis, a former BYU player who played in the NFL and whom Andrew has met before, so he quickly ran up to him for an autograph as well. That was a fun surprise!

Even though we were there at lot longer than I expected, Andrew still took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Hermanos, for dinner before we headed home. It was a fun evening! I also enjoy being with and supporting Andrew...especially when it's something he loves as much as BYU Football. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Flowers

Andrew brought home flowers for me on Friday for my birthday. ♥ His flower creativity never disappoints either...this time the flowers are in this cute primitive sleigh with a star on each side. He also knows that my favorite color is purple so I absolutely love this arrangement!

He also gave me an iTunes gift card, but we decided to actually celebrate my birthday in a couple weekends with a trip to SLC and one of my favorite kitchen stores after our summer dutch oven activities fizzle out. Can't wait!

I was also spoiled with many facebook messages, texts, phone calls and visits from family and friends yesterday. I felt very loved. :)

As a side note...wait until you see what my mom gave me for my birthday! She hit it out of the park with this gift and it's something I get to put together myself so watch for more pictures to come!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Kits

New summer kits I put together from The Idea Closet. Love the bright orange, pink and yellow. :) So summer!