Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Swap Group

Our swap group started up again this month. :)

We finished swapping tucks in April and then we took a couple months off, but we're back and now I guess you could say what we're swapping is ideas!

Lewaina took charge this month and came up with this darling idea. We made star ornies and coffee-stained them, but the new things we learned were how to print on fabric and how to use cattails as stuffing. Andrew helped me gather cattails the day before swap night and I was impressed with how soft they were and what great stuffing they made...though I had to watch out for hidden bugs...yuck!

Laura found these awesome old, rusty springs to display our stars in and with an added coffee-stained tie and rusted bell & safety pin, it was complete! Can't wait for next month!

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  1. Jessica it turned out way cute! I'm soooooooo behind on blogging! I love your anniv. flowers, and what a fun room you had! I also have to tell you that your goodies for book club looked beautiful! Tanner is feeling the NEED to make a trip to Preston and see the ND house for himself! I had to laugh at him cause we have been through there a dozen times and we talk about it but until he read your post with me he had never wanted to go see it first hand! I have a bro that lives in Smithfield so I told him we could go have a look see!