Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

This year my mom's family planned a reunion for Fourth of July weekend at Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. I'm not big on camping, but I wanted to go to see family I don't get to see very often. We left Saturday morning, but decided to detour through Logan because Andrew wanted to stop at Gossner Foods, which is the cheese plant they have there. He spent $35.00 on cheese and was in heaven. ;)

From Logan we headed north to Preston, ID so we could check out some Napoleon Dynamite spots.

Napoleon Dynamite is a movie that Andrew and I like. One of those "It's so dumb that it's funny." types of movies so seeing some sites from the movie was actually pretty fun!

We peeked behind a school to see where Napoleon played tether ball.

We saw Preston High School.

Our last stop was Napoleon's house. Driving to Napoleon's house, I sort of felt like I was trespassing because the house was down a dirt road off by itself, but then there it was. Kinda cool!

Picture from

Lava Hot Springs is only about 40 minutes from Preston and after a dusty trek up the mountain, we arrived at our campsite. We had fun visiting with everyone and the next morning we took a big group picture.

Sunday night we were back home and then we went up to Andrew's parents house for an hour or so and did fireworks with them.

Monday was spent relaxing. Andrew and I went to the fireworks stand in the afternoon because he was excited about Utah's new law allowing aerial fireworks and wanted to get some of his own. :) That night we did our own fireworks show and it was pretty cool. Standing in our backyard we could also see fireworks going off all around town.

Shots around town...

In our own backyard. :)

Happy 4th of July!

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