Friday, July 22, 2011

The Crazy Quilt Club

My SIL Kim was in a play called The Crazy Quilt Club last night so my best friend Savannah and I met up after work to go watch her performance. Though we didn't know until the end, the character Kim played, Lydia Thorndike, was one of the main characters and the murderer(!) and she did such a great job! I had no idea she was such a crazy good actress. ;)

The night started out with a pre-show involving some of my swap group friends!

Katie and Naomi are the 2 in the middle side-by-side.


Naomi again in the middle.

Now for some pictures of Kim's performance.

The set on stage.

Kim's first appearance as Lydia!

Lydia thinks she's dying every Thursday.
Since they performed the play on a Thursday, I thought that was a cute hidden joke.

Check out the awesome old lady handbag Kim (Lydia) has!

The curtain that went up for scene changes.
Very creative for an outdoor venue in my opinion. :)

Lydia sneaking though with a knife raised in her hand for "protection"...little did we know!

Tricking Lydia to make her blow her cover!

The whole cast with the director.

Great job, Kim! It was a really fun night. :)

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